Noah Galloway cover of mens health

Army Veteran, Alabama Native & Double Amputee

Noah Galloway
Noah Gallaway – Army veteran, Alabama native & double amputee

This is an inspiring story of an Army veteran, Alabama native and double amputee, Noah Galloway. Galloway served in the Army as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and in 2005. During his second tour, his Humvee hit a tripwire, detonating a roadside bomb. Galloway became a double amputee after the blast claimed his left arm above his elbow and his left leg above the knee.

Galloway has been a fitness nut since he was 13 but during his throughout his rehabilitation, he battled depression and did not want to exercise. He let himself go. In 2010, he looked in the mirror and decided to change. He invented his own workout routines by rigging the gym equipment to adapt to his missing limbs. He also used ankle weights strapped to his arm to strengthen his upper body and his electronic, prosthetic leg helped build lower body strength.

All of his hard work paid off when Men’s Health selected Galloway for the cover of its November 2014 magazine. According to the magazine, this was its first-ever search for the Ultimate Men’s Health Guy and they were searching for someone who is “physically fit, confident, stylish, career driven and a pillar of his community.”

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Photo credits: Men’s Health Magazine and Peter Yang

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